The hardest-working opera singer in show business

Michael Fabiano imageThere’s nothing like a conversation with tenor Michael Fabiano to make you feel like a lazy slacker. Whatever level of effort you might think you expend at your job quickly pales in comparison with his description of his own work ethic.

“I go at things in a very rigorous way,” Fabiano says about his musical career. “Rigor is my life”.

“I have a coach who trains me rigorously. I study music rigorously. I consider that I need a near priest-like focus in order to achieve some level of success.”

That rigorous focus, along with a muscular and mellifluous tenor voice, has helped place Fabiano, at 30, on the cusp of a top-shelf career. Last year, he won both the Richard Tucker Award and the Beverly Sills Award — the first singer ever to win both prestigious prizes in the same year — and he has made acclaimed appearances at the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, the Glyndebourne Festival and elsewhere.