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Restrictions on the Arts Community

Restrictions on the arts community must stop now.
People who have followed the health guidance of local municipalities and the federal government should not be subjected to the curtailing of employment or professional opportunities. We in the arts community are vaccinated. We have been stewards of the rules because we know how valuable they are. To tell us that our jobs again have to be canceled when we know the virus is simply not as virulent for vaccinated individuals as it for those unvaccinated is not only an insult, it unveils a lie propagated by the state that if we do what’s necessary, life will be normal.

Enough. Stand up against this injustice.
I stand in solidarity with my arts colleagues who have lost work due to the oppressive behavior of governments. It’s easy for politicians to take their fixed salaries and continue to make social dictates about health, even when they break the rules they set out. Artists work by contract; we lose first. La Monnaie de Munt was forced into a terrible proposition because of a federal Belgian government that kneecapped them with rules that should not apply to the vaccinated. My heart breaks for the artists waiting for the break or their first job and lose out because the state doesn’t apply rules equally and punishes those that actually follow the rules

Rise up. Make your voices heard. Stop this madness.

— MF



Our cast of Carmen is demanding that the federal government of Belgium relax restrictions on the cultural sector that are equal to those of other business sectors. We are vaccinated. We follow the rules. We do not deserve unbalanced regulations on performing as gyms, saunas, and the restaurant business remains unhindered. We stand ready to perform. I have done several interviews today in support of artists, culture, and making sure all arts workers are protected and working.

“We have just received a letter sent to the Belgian prime minister by Michael Fabiano, Elsa Dreisig and other opera headliners about the Government’s decision to cancel Carmen at La Monnaie. It might be the start of a fightback.”

Read the full letter on Slippedisc


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